Considering the whole person

Essentially, holistic wellness is an approach to physical, mental, and spiritual health that considers the whole person in the pursuit of health, happiness, and spiritual wellness.

It is often used to describe the overarching approach of many alternative or complementary medicine disciplines as well as a general approach to living a healthy, full life.

Instead of simply looking at specific issues, whether they are health complaints like a chronic or acute illness, or lifestyle issues such as diet, exercise, or weight gain, a holistic approach to wellness takes every aspect of a person’s life into account in order to find a place of healing, balance, and positive energy.

In this guide to holistic wellness, we will explore what a holistic approach to wellness truly is, why it’s important, and how you can work towards achieving it.

Holistic wellness

Holistic wellness strives to bring a person’s mind, body, environment, and spirit into balance.

The two most common ways to think of holistic wellness are as a medical approach to wellness (also called holistic medicine) that promotes overall health, and more generally, as an integrative lifestyle practice that strives toward overall wellness.

Integrative health approach and lifestyle concept in one

As an integrative health approach, holistic wellness solutions center on treating the whole person in order to prevent and treat health issues while also promoting general wellness. As a lifestyle concept, holistic wellness is all about achieving optimal health in mind, spirit, and physical wellness through a variety of methods that revitalize the whole person while also addressing specific issues or problems.

Optimal health and holistic wellness solutions

Holistic wellness has become increasingly popular as more and more people strive toward balanced wellness, self-care, intentionality, and living a better life.

Generally, as the name implies, holistic wellness is about striving to be well in a way that utilizes every part of a person’s life, including the body and mind, emotional wellness and mental health, spiritual and social wellness, and overall wellness.

Holistic means knowing and valuing the interconnectedness of all the parts of something. So, rather than just focusing on symptoms or specific issues, the concept involves how every aspect of a person intersects to influence their overall wellness, including even their personal relationships.

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